Enter the movie world on holiday

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blog2 Here’s something a little different to think about when considering coach holidays – why not combine it with a visit to some well known film locations? With the rumour mill going into overdrive at the news that the forthcoming James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ is likely to have certain parts of it filmed in Bognor Regis as well as the warmer climes of Turkey, we thought we’d take a look at some locations across the world that have been used in popular movies. Take a look at what we’ve come up with and if there is a destination that you feel we simply can’t afford to miss then let us know. Also get in touch should you have spent your holiday visiting film locations such as these….

The Hangover/Hangover II
How about following in the footsteps of ‘The Wolfpack’ when visiting Thailand? This is certainly a good option if you’re planning a nightbangkok you’ll never forget! Begin your ‘sick night’ (in the dulcet tones of ‘Mr Chow’) by staying at the Phulay Bay Resort, Krabi which was used for ‘Stu’s’ wedding to fiancée ‘Lauren’. This beautiful resort has 54 one-bedroomed villas with private plunge pools, outdoor baths, 24-hour butler service and views of the coast that will take your breath away. Fancy waking up in Bangkok just as the guys in the film did? If so, head to Soi Plaeng Nam, Chinatown. You won’t be able to stay in the same room as ‘Phil’, ‘Stu’, ‘Alan’ and ‘Teddy’ but you can be influenced by the rich tapestry that this intoxicating city provides such as icy cold drinks from a plastic bag or sample bird nest soup! Song Wad Road Roundabout in Chinatown was where they filmed the monkey’s drug-dealing intersection and Muang Boran in Samut Prakan is where they meditated to try and remember the events of the night before. The crazy antics of ‘Stu’, ‘Alan’, ‘Mr Chow’, ‘Ed’ and ‘Teddy’ reached its height in the dubious nightlife of Soi Cowboy when they visited Siam Sam’s Bar and caused a riot! Bangkok’s Lebua Hotel is where the ‘Wolfpack’ meet crime figure ‘Kingsley’ for the first time and realise that perhaps they have lost ‘Teddy’ for good. To coincide with the film, the Sirocco restaurant are offering ‘Hangovertini’ cocktails from 490 baht to kick-start your night!

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Fans of this popular novel by John le Carré, may wish to follow in the footsteps of ‘Smiley’ and his fellow spies as they Blythe_Housetry to uncover the Russian Mole by visiting some of the locations used in the film remake of the successful BBC series. The new version of John le Carré’s Cold War spy thriller was filmed on location in London, Budapest and Istanbul. These cities are used as functional meeting places, in some cases using locations rumoured to have been real spy meeting spots. First stop on the list should be a visit to Blythe House in London, which doubled-up as Cambridge Circus, the home of MI6 in the story. There was also the Inglis Barracks at Mill Hill East in north London which was useful because of its 60s and 70s style of the architecture that complimented the era of the film. Filming in Istanbul took place on both the Asian and European sides of the city as again, its look was very 1970s steering away from more recognisable landmarks. Filming in the city of Budapest was focused on the Parizsi Udvar (Parisian Court Building) and on the eastern and western train stations as well as the Fisherman’s Bastion. From researching the history of Budapest, it was realised that many spy meetings actually took place at the Parisian Court Building so it was only natural that it would feature in the film.

The hotly anticipated release of Spielberg’s film adaptation of ‘Warhorse’ will certainly boost tourism levels in thedartmoor-pony South West of England, especially considering as most of the filming took place in Dartmoor’s National Park. Ditsworthy Warren House was used as the Narracott Family’s farmhouse in the film. If you watch the film’s trailer, you can possibly spot the magnificent Burrator Reservoir. The main village scenes of ‘Warhorse’ were shot in Castle Combe, a village in Wiltshire which is over 100 miles northeast of Dartmoor. Other locations that you simply must visit if you’re a fan of the movie are: Ringmoor Down, Combestone Tor and area, Haytor, Bonehill, Hexworthy Bridge and Cadover Bride/Brisworthy. Why not create your very own Warhorse Experience by admiring the activities of the wild Dartmoor ponies that roam freely across the moor?

Eat Pray Love
trevi-fountainTake a voyage of self-discovery by visiting the locations used in the film ‘Eat Pray Love’. Where else in the world beats the gastronomic delight of Rome? In the film, Julia Robert’s character Elizabeth Gilbert, sticks two fingers up at the Atkins Diet and goes on a serious carb fest instead. Wandering by the Trevi Fountain, she takes bite after bite of Italian gelato whilst at the Piazza Navona, she stuffs her face with pasta and pizza. If the holiday budget allows, head over to Bali and perhaps like Elizabeth Gilbert, you will re-discover “Love” again as the temples and cafés entice you. Word of warning though, Bali is extremely popular with party-loving Aussies so to avoid the path of a drunken tourist, head to Como Shambala. The obvious location for the “Pray” part of the film is to travel to India where the main character of the film spends her time in an Ashram.
Have you purposely chosen to holiday in a particular destination because that is where your favourite movie was filmed? If so, we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch!